Eco-luxury African Wellness™ & Clean Beauty solutions for the global woman.

We make ingredients-led skin, hair, and body essentials that work from the inside, out for optimum wellness.

Our heritage is inspired by African-native historical and cultural rituals, paired with the use of efficacious indigenous ingredients to enhance physical, mental and, spiritual wellness.

Our products are plant based, free of parabens, sulfates, fillers, fragrance, and dyes. We do not test our products on animals.

Our ingredients

We are in favour of naturally complete ingredients that have been tested for generations for their efficacy as traditional remedies. We are minimalist in our formulations and formats, designing products with ingredients that leave zero toxicity to the body, to our supply chain, and to the environment. Where possible, we will opt for organically certified ingredients by the Soil Association, followed by wild-harvested products. As we use indigenously sourced ingredients, we will only introduce an ingredient that can be sustainably harvested and regenerate naturally with the seasons. Ingredients that grow in their natural, bio-dynamic environment free from pollution, pesticides and human interference.

Our Moringa Oleifera powder is raw, Organic certified by the Soil Association, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

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The African Wellness™ Blueprint

We share African-native holistic practices passed down the generations to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. From the founder’s personal knowledge of ethno-botany to consulting with traditional healers and elders within the African community worldwide, we preserve native knowledge that would otherwise be lost without appropriate documentation. Additionally, we explore this knowledge in the context of and for the application to modern lifestyles for women around the world.

Sourcing & sustainability

We work with suppliers who work directly with the communities who provide the ingredients, aiming to always keep as short of a supply chain as possible. We carefully choose suppliers who align with our sustainability values.

We believe in an eco-community in which humans, animals, and the natural world share a holistic and sacred bond. We practice an African-informed circularity model that requires what is taken from the earth to be returned. Our Founder, who is descendent from the San tribes and Nguni tribe ensures that this remains at the heart of our activities.

Our Packaging

We source the highest quality packaging that meets our sustainability criteria ensuring the most aesthetically pleasing product that does not burden the environment. Our labels are printed with non-polluting vegan inks on recyclable papers. They are transported in recyclable boxes and postage materials. Our amber glass bottles are recyclable but we encourage our customers to reuse them as storage jars or for other projects at home.