What makes A Complexion Company different?

We passionately design luxury beauty & wellness solutions for women of colour living within the diaspora and across Africa. We specialise in making premium performance solutions using the latest knowledge on clean beauty formulation practices, combined with an applied understanding of melanin skin types and melanin lifestyles. We lead the conversation on African Wellness™ and how it translates in the modern lives of Africans, at home and abroad. Our offerings bridge the gap between modern day practices and nature-inspired traditions.
Our objective is connecting native Africans with the Diaspora and the rest of the world by owning the global African narrative. We aim to utilize our knowledge from indigenous African tribes to teach present and future generations about African Wellness and create high-performance products using best in class clean beauty formulation practices and being accredited internationally.

Are A Complexion Company products tested on animals?

We are 100% cruelty-free. We do not conduct or support animal testing of any kind, nor have we allowed others to perform animal testing on our behalf. Our products are locally sourced and manufactured and do not touch a single animal in the process before reaching the consumer.

Are A Complexion Company products vegan-friendly?

Our product is 100% natural, plant & botanically based, and contains zero animal product or by-product. We are committed to animal protection on every level; we use no animal by-product in our formulas.

In addition, our labels are printed on vegan paper and are fully bio-degradable.

Are  A Complexion Company products 100% all-natural?

Our priority is African wellness, skin-health, sustainability and the development of clean, minimalistic formulas of which are secure, efficient and gratifying. When both nature-inspired traditions and modern day lifestyle and science work in unity, we believe an optimal balance is achieved. Although our current product is 100% all-natural, A Complexion Company as a whole should not be considered an exclusively all-natural line.

Transparency is highly imperative in our values and we thrive to eliminate greenwashing and misleading all-natural claims, which give  customers the opportunity to make more educated and informed personal care decisions.