We are launching our first campaign,

alongside Survival International, a global movement for tribal peoples’ rights.⁠ ⁠

As we all self-isolated in order to protect ourselves from a potential fatal virus, indigenous people have been self-isolating for the very same reasons for centuries. Unfortunately, governments and organisations believe that these populations should integrate themselves into popular society in order to reclaim the land they live on. Tourism and missionaries are also keen to make contact with the private communities to fulfil their own objectives. 

For a community that can die from the common cold, forced contact during COVID-19 means certain death. 

We support the indigenous people's rights to self-isolate indefinitely under the United Nations Human Rights Law of self determination (Article I of the Charter of the United Nations.)

How we can all help?

We acknowledge the challenges that many of you are facing right now, which is why we designed our campaign in a way that enables everyone to participate including ourselves as a small company.

You can participate in the following ways:

Sign up to our newsletter - We will donate £1 for every confirmed newsletter sign up (enter your email at the bottom of this page). Share with your friends, when they sign up, we will donate.


Make a purchase - We will donate 20% of all purchases made from today (Earth Day) until the end of UK Lockdown to Survival International.

We are in agreement with Survival International in their actions in:

 - Acting against human rights abuses and violent atrocities committed in the name of “conservation” #decolonizeconservation⁠ ⁠

- Protecting indigenous persons’ right to “self determine”; fighting against forced development and ‘reprogramming’ initiatives such as ‘factory schools’⁠

- Ensuring ancestral land remains legally under indigenous control⁠

- Stopping the extermination of over 100 un-contacted tribes around the world⁠

- Exposing the “Brutal Savage” myth by challenging the work of “popular science” writers who promote damaging narratives of tribal people.⁠ ⁠