Our Founder, Nomshado

by Shopify API

A Personal note

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and spent most of my childhood with Gogo (grandmother) in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This is pretty normal in my culture, this relationship with my grandmother set the foundation for the values that would shape me as I migrated around the world. 

From a young age, I have been very attuned to the natural world and surrounded myself with farmers of crops and animals, cultivators, ethnobotanists and most importantly, teachers. Whether it was visits to my uncles farm in SA or in my grandmother's back garden organising the chard spinach from the sugar cane, my teachers would share the tales of our (humans) connectivity to everything around us and how the health of the land around us had a direct relationship with our personal health.

When I began my adult life in busy cities across Europe, Australia and America I found this connection becoming increasingly difficult to maintain due to firstly, the physical difference from natural spaces and secondly, my own change of diet and lifestyle. Whilst it would appear on the outside that I was enjoying the fruits of international living, I was joining the millions of women who have migrate from Africa who suffer from nutritional deficiencies. 

The term malnutrition seems so far removed from in the modern world. But this is the reality for black women around the world. Lack of access to high nutrition foods, increased stress levels and the deviation from native diets accumulate in black women's bodies as making us susceptible to negative health outcomes. At a mild level, this will leave any woman feeling fatigued, experiencing hormonal imbalances that lead to moodiness and/depression, lack of sleep/rest and skin breakouts.

This was me, three years ago. Until I reached out to my grandfather (uKhulu), a traditional healer for 72 years (he is in his late 90s and has never used modern medicine). Through his guidance, he corrected my symptoms through the use of traditional remedies. With his wisdom, we created our nutritional supplement powder.

The Organic African Wellness™ Superpowder is the first product of a curated collection of self-care essentials, designed through the knowledge of African Ancestral remedies to help women like myself thrive; no matter where in the world they choose to live.


- Nomshado