About Us

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Transforming Africa's ancestral remedies into modern self-care essentials for black women

At A Complexion Company, our mission is to enhance, beautify, and promote the physical and mental wellbeing of black women of the African Diaspora through wellness-focused skin, body, and home self-care essentials inspired by African-native remedies.

We have designed a natural supplement for the nutritional needs of black women living abroad. Inspired by remedies from Sub-Saharan native tribes, it is nutrient dense and a single solution for mental clarity, clear skin, and enhanced energy levels for city living. High in essential B vitamins and minerals, Iron, magnesium and Zinc which are often in sufficient amounts in other multi-vitamins and mineral supplements designed for women.

The industry's current, one-size-fits-all approach to wellness results in black women being treated as “dark-skinned white women” with little effort being made for customization to their distinct wellness needs, increasing the ethnic wellness gap.

Through African Wellness, we are here to support members of the African diaspora through customised wellness solutions which are effective, beautiful, aligned with their values, and suited for their self-care needs.