Pleasure - An antidote to stress

True pleasure is shared. It connects you to yourself, the people around you and your environment. It connects you to the past, present, and future. When you are in a state of pleasure you feel alive, complete and deeply connected. Today we are going to explore pleasure as an antidote to stress.


Our bodies are designed to experience pleasure. When you look at the anatomy, in particular the brain, you can see that it is set up for sensual pleasure. The ‘pleasure receptors’ within the brain are set up in such a manner that they can increase over time - meaning that you can increase your capacity to experience pleasure in an ever-increasing way.


Western modernity compartmentalises the function of pleasure to be associated with ‘reward’. One is not permitted to enjoy pleasure for the sake of itself but it must be as a reward after some form of labour is performed. These are not the same principles held in many native traditions. Pleasure for the sake of itself is encouraged and a normal part of daily life. Additionally, you will find in traditional culture many forms of non-sexual forms of pleasure (and play) of which its application I will explain below.


Song has always been a dominant part of life. From the spiritual songs to modern afrobeats, this has been a conduit to express ourselves across languages and cultures (and realms). Many transitional periods are celebrated in song such as the rite of passage into adulthood and the transition to the afterlife. Voice is understood as a gift to communicate across realms and invoke an atmosphere of your choosing (much like how affirmations are used today). In song, your voice makes contact with another’s soul. It is highly intimate and deeply connective. Practice using your voice in a manner that feels good to you. Be it in song, or in the language you use. You can learn some new words, a different accent or a new dialect. Your voice, when used with intention can be a source of delight to yourself and others.

Dance often is the accompaniment of song and in southern African boy do we dance at any given opportunity we get. This is another act exclusive to humans. Whilst many animals have a mating dance, none are quite as skilled at it as mankind. The act of being present in one’s body, that you are able to control its movement beyond functionality towards enjoyment, is a type of meditation. As a culture that uses our minds more than our bodies, moving more can be a way to experience more sensuality in your life. Perhaps it is a dance challenge online, or a slow embraced dance with your partner in the kitchen, give in to your body’s urging to move with the song locked up in your soul. We have created a Spotify playlist to help you with your sensual awakening.

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