Five ways to safe guard your mental wellness

As we all sit in uncertainty homebound, trying to grasp the situation and determine our next steps, now is the time that we should put great consideration into our self care. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure your wellness doesn’t suffer during this time.

  • One of the most helpful things we can do during this time to protect ourselves and our well being, is to know when to say no to news. Waking up daily with multiple messages consisting of either news of the pandemic or worrying updates, is really not the ideal way to start one’s day. This doesn’t mean to block things out or pretend to live under a rock, a form of self care is knowing how to protect your mind when overwhelming negative thoughts and news continuously bombards you, thereafter leaving a negative impact on your mindset. Indulging in the panic online will not help make things better in the immediate or short term - so try to remind yourself that it is okay to say no to news.
  • Your immediate surroundings play an important part in your mindfulness and wellness. It is common knowledge that music is good for the soul, and in case you are the type of person who gravitates towards sound, music is a great way of changing the feel of an environment. Feel free to try out some soothing sounds such as outdoor sound effects i.e, waves on a beach shore, the slight ruffling sounds of a forest, or the crackling of a fireplace. Soundtracks or instrumentals are another great option.
    Another great way to improve your surroundings is to keep your environment tidy. This is highly recommended as it does wonders to the mind to create the feelings of clarity and freedom. Other ideas include decorations or adding scents to your home. Burning incense and/or using homeopathic scents like lavender essential oil, has the included benefits of promoting a sense of calm.
  • Purification has always been given great emphasis as a wellness ritual in the past and that remains the same in the present day. Purification comes in a variety of forms and usually relates to purifying the body as a form of cleansing and relaxation. This could include full body purification by scrubbing the skin or taking a bath using bath salts or it could include skin exfoliation and face masks - and this goes for men too.
    Purification can also come in the form of purifying the body in terms of our food and liquid intake. It’s encouraged to purify your external or internal body, in fact it is a necessity for all human beings. By extracting/getting rid of toxins from our bodies, we are giving ourselves the feeling of ease and reconnecting to our bodies in whole and well manner.
  • Create your own meditation practice. Whether it be cooking, reading, creating forms of art or actually sitting and meditating, it is completely up to the individual how they choose to mediate. Meditation comes in all shapes and sizes, and no matter how is it expressed, meditation in itself is calming your mind and being in the moment. In a time where we are forced into social distancing and solitude, take time to explore what brings you inner peace and makes you forget yourself completely when indulging in it.
  • Finally, spirituality, mental health and self care are all tied together. This point has been lingering on my mind because I know that I need it, but it occurred to me, what about others out there? There is no right or wrong way to go about exploring your spiritual wellbeing, nor is there a guide that can be provided in doing so, however during a time like this, it is more than a great idea to look within and really discover what it means to you or what coming out on the other side might look like for you.

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