Designed for the global citizen

Our high-performance multi-vitamin powder helps you:

→   Enjoy healthier skin, hair, and nails
→   Maintain your energy levels throughout the day without caffeine
→   Improve your focus and moderate your mood
→   Reduce unpleasant PMS symptoms

Ancestral rituals. Modern regimens.

Our ingredients have been tested for generations for their efficacy as Traditional African Medicinal remedies to enhance physical, mental and spiritual wellness.


We believe in the power of ancestral remedies

Many African indigenous plants have multiple properties and can be used in many ways on and within the body. We love using them in our formulations to transform your wellbeing and support your body for modern living, no matter where you live.

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Our African Native Founder

A personal wellness journey, Meet Nomshado

Born in Johannesburg and raised in Zimbabwe, Nomshado grew up with her Gogo (grandmother) as observed in traditional Zulu customs. Under her tutelage, she was taught a love for the land, her history and the medicinal secrets of her ancestral ethnobotany.

A cultural pride that would follow her as she immigrated to the UK to formalise her ethnobotanic studies and launch a wellness brand that would launch Traditional African Medicine into the global spotlight, celebrating and supporting women of African heritage, just like her.

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The sacred bond of Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the Zulu belief in a sacred relationship between humans, animals and the natural environment. We are committed to promoting sustainability and circular design as informed by African cultures.

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu - Zulu proverb

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